Forward Thinking


Can Halv-Corv provide a complete General Contracting and Management service for their clients?

  • Halv-Corv is willing to provide a complete service to their client, in order to help them with their General Contracting or construction management requirements.


What makes Halv-Corv different than their competitors?

  • We are willing to offer only competent, accountable people, who we will back for doing things “right the first time”.
  • We offer only competent contractors and skilled design to our client’s project, but do so with lower overheads creating a more cost effect project.


Does Halv-Corv have a process in place to deal with Management of Change (MOC)?

  • Halv-Corv works with our clients changes through our engineer to provide a proven MOC process.  This eliminates delays in schedule, or cost over runs due to no decisions or worse, wrong decisions.


Does Halv-Corv understand their client’s pressures for cycle times?

  • We work to assure completeness, inspected, approved, and signed off on time and on budget.