Forward Thinking

Scope of Work

  1. Offer general contracting services to provide a building complete to the owner as a turn key product for an agreed amount plus and agreed fee
  2. Provide design criteria to the owner to pick from for their building
  3. Provide code and Bylaw input to the entire project
  4. Advise and consult with the engineer and or architect required to supply a stamped and approved set of project plans as required by the local authority
  5. Provide owners with an accurate final price to agree and sign a contract in order to complete the project
  6. Apply for all required permits to the local authority, with written approval of the owner and or landowner
  7. Provide a front of the property, 8ft x 4ft billboard style sign, to attract buyers or renters
  8. Continuously throughout the project run an online advertisement for the sale or rent as required by the owner
  9. Manage all construction throughout the stages until turn key is complete
  10. Provide a written weekly report which is to include schedule updates, active items per day break outs, and pictures as they are related to the project
  11. Provide an inspection report from the stamping engineer plus any codes inspection report from the required department of the local authorities inspection provider, at each stage prior to owner releasing pay for each stage
  12. Provide an invoice for each stage to the owner directly following the inspection of each stage to save adding any interest cost to the project
  13. Provide temporary fencing during construction
  14. Provide garbage removal throughout construction
  15. Provide on site office trailer to house all documents for the project and contractors, which will be accessible to the owners upon their inspection timing
  16. Deliver a finished project on the agreed time and on budget. No changes will be accepted unless they are requested by the owner’s and are able to be delivered with additional cost, time if required, plus to code and engineering approval
  17. Provide a transfer of warranties from contractors that built the project, to the owner
  18. Provide a final invoice for agreed fees upon turn over of completed project